Not only do we offer some of the best recordings on the dollar, we also offer a variety of services to aid you in your musical career!

Mastering, a tricky subject for some to wrap their heads around, and equally it is tricky for some engineers to wrap their heads around. In most cases this forces artists to bring their work to a specialty mastering house. NOT AT THE BEEHIVE!!! We have the full ability to master whatever you have that needs CD, Radio, and DVD quality mastering. Speak to one of our engineers about including it into your recording package and save big money!

Song Writing is a big part of the music process and The Beehive knows how important it is to make the right decisions when putting a song together. We house a team of musicians to make this happen for you. No matter what the instrument you need for accompaniment or it is building the song from the ground up, our years and years of experience will produce an amazing result for you.

Management. It is well known that a band can definitely grow on it's own but to really take your band to the next level you need proper management. Without proper management you will not book the shows you need and have your music heard by the right people in the industry to blossom as an artist. It is important you make the right choices, so get on the phone and book a management consultation with The Beehive

Publishing placing your music in tv shows, movie, soundtracks, commercials, video games and other media is our passion. Take advanage of our established relationships and excellent work ethic and help us make the most of your original compositions. We will handle everything from recording custom scores to handling copyright registration and ASCAP submission. Your music is in good hands at The Beehive.



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